The Zephyr Tangled In My Sail

Where from, this flag, of redemption
Stuck to, my pointless, pilgrimage
Where strayed, a tomb, now a, conviction
Defies, tides of, destiny’s outrage

Can a nudge, of faith, be a stroke, of luck
Faith, fear, and fate, never reconcile
In the rainbow, once a storm, has struck
Are shades, of hope, and fortitude’s, trial!

Thru mist, of moon, and tears, of sun
And a, million waves, of upheaval
Only lasts, the lonely, momentum
Of a shadow, oh so, gullible!

Who blew life, in the shroud, of my quest
Is all, but lost, to a, lasting tale
Of a faith, that won thru, fear’s conquest
The Zephyr, Tangled, In My Sail!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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