The Ethnic Scar Of The Vaccine-War

Don’t nail, the horse-shoe, Oh! So deep
That it rots, the feet, before the race!
Who sowed, that bane, whose pain, we reap
China, or those, who, sell disgrace!

Those who, defied a, definite death
Battle for, last drop, of life’s serum
Whilst COVID dares, to cease, our breath
Regimes serve, our fears, faux-faith’s venom!

Modernas, Pfizers, follow, just a, business case
Of cost, price, profit, and bonus
While, Third World Nations, chase and chase
“Is there, a hope, now left, for us!”

We are, mere pawns, in the, larger COVID game
Begging for life, at the, Satan’s door
It severs, our souls, but not, their shame
The Ethnic Scar, Of The, Vaccine-War!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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