Blood-Baptized Too Is The Cosmic Creed

No more, trivia, of trinity
But a, long-awaited, cynosure
Lo and behold, re-avows, divinity
With, blood-rituals, human l’amour!

From the, lunar ledge, deflowered bride
Gapes, at her, worldly spectacle
“Who beheld, their Messiah, crucified
Lust at, blood-bath, celestial”!

She molts, into, new mystique’s shroud
Albeit, o’er shadows’, fleeting fest
An aging myth, as though, endowed
With a, bleeding sin’s, lasting bequest!

Does blood, invent, life’s sacrament
To rear, in us, faith and, fear’s seed
Until lasts pain, in time’s, heart unspent
Blood-Baptized, Too, Is The, Cosmic Creed!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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