Two Half-Truths Make One Myth Complete

One ethos, bleeds, between two lands
Two shreds, of a heart, search for, lost soul!
Was a nation, once, where a tomb, now stands
Or a, promised dream, that politics stole!

An enigma, amidst, West Bank, Gaza
Does it make, an ethnic, equation
Or a, raison d’être, for a, coup d’état
In three nations, inside, one nation!

Two henchmen, run one, scattered state
One Satan, in suit, one bigoted brute
Palestine, is a holocaust, they create
For Politics, of Power, Pride, and Loot!

Persia’s playground, of, its proxy-war
Has lost, its heart, not just, heartbeat
Stink of, a mean, menacing metaphor
Two Half-Truths, Make, One Myth Complete!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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