Who Hide Behind Petticoat Of Putin

He’s the widow, of, Soviet, Socialist sin
Godmother, still, of its, orphaned dreams
Who suckles, new age, with an, old toxin
Of The Cold War, that never died, it seems!

Lukashenko’s, midnight, hate-heist
Shrouds, more than, what it manifests
The faith, fear, and farce, of an Alchemist
For whom, states are, pawns of conquests!

The fractured fate, of a, legacy
Is still slave, to its, surrogate past
To dare, Russian reign, is a heresy
Better be, her puppet, than a, doomed outcast!

With a Godmother, who, cuts down, their pride
And a soul, that bears, Soviet chagrin
Can ever, get away, with the, worst genocide
Who Hide, Behind, Petticoat Of Putin!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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