For Whose Glory These Angels Bleed

Whose mother, buys, lullabies with sighs
Little Ali, born on, Intifada Day
Until her dream, defies, then dies
In a sacrifice, to, jihad’s melee!

Who’re learning, to love, they teach, them hate
Faith’s fanatics, who, propagandize fears
In a dystopia, that, they create
With a passion, paid with, blood and tears!

Heartless ‘martyrs’, with a, missing spine
Make a fodder, of their, hapless race
Who lay, on the line, their spent bloodline
Will, waste away, without a trace!

Hamas rushes, to break, to the world
“Israel martyred, many more, of my creed”
In a herd, slaughtered ,by their, own shepherd
For Whose, Glory, These Angels, Bleed!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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