When You Call Me By Your Name

Love had, to be, but a, mutiny
Of you, and me, in the, ‘moral fief’
Who dare, defy, their destiny
In a, blasphemy, beyond belief!

Chromosomal flaw, or, seminal fault
Or offence, of, ‘hideous’ happenstance!
Blood, tastes sweeter, with a, pinch of salt
Spills, semen, sin, in this romance!

Adam, seeks no Eve, Eve, no Adam
Just a soul, seeks soul, in soulful trysts
Who treasure sin, in, hearts’ harem
Are the greatest, of, Love-Alchemists!

I leap out, of my, squirming skin
Searching solace, in the throes, of shame
Two realms dissolve, in one, sublime sin
When, You Call Me, By Your Name!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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