The Smoking Gun Between You and Me

A billion, banal breaths, this life, giveth
To break free, from being’s, sickening lust
Let life gamble, and flirt, with death
Death’s fear, adjudge, life’s faith, august!

In the straight-faced, twisted, Russian game
Stares, like dragon, cold muzzle, of a gun
Whose blood-thirst, our conquest, became
Life squirms, by death’s, ‘shenani-gun’!

Be it, game of chance; reckless romance
We’ve reached, that point, of no return
Who lives, dies who, in this, deathly dance
Is left, for karma, to discern!

Amidst gun, and, mortal orgasm
Stands, the trigger, of our destiny
Has filled, with bliss, immortal chasm
The Smoking Gun, Between, You and Me!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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