What Was Our Home Till Yesterday

Our faith’s door, was, knocked by, whose fears
Last night, while we hummed, our lullabies
To the freedom’s dream, nurtured o’er years
My belief turned out to be a political lies!

“This is our land, you ought to, have known!”
They flashed, at us, ‘legitimate diktat’
Delusions seem, those dreams, we had sown
By a lingering, thousand years old, spat!

Who stole, our homes? Politics, faith, law, …!
Our existence, seems, lost in vain
Is love, of land, an ethnic flaw
When both brothers, know, its price, is pain!

We look back, at our, splintered dreams
As brothers, bleed, in belief’s melee
O’er piles, of dust, our posterity, screams
What Was, Our Home, Till Yesterday!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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