What Else You Think Is A 3rd World War !!!

China waged it, on its, very own terms
Sans, shooting bullet, firing a missile
It’s warhead, are a, zillion germs
Jinping served world, with his, viral guile!

Whilst, it prospers, we count, our dead
What a holocaust, has our, lives become
China hates God, follows, Satan instead
What a sin, doctrine, is of Communism!

Hitler moans, aghast, from his throne, in hell
“How could Xi-tler, seize, Hitler’s dream!
Who turned, China, into, Crime-Cartel
Is indeed, reigning world, with his, Satanic régime!”

Lifeless, hopeless, every ethnic facet
On our, dead soul, struts, Chinese matador
We’re preys, in Dragon’s, Death-dragnet
What Else, You Think, Is A, 3rd World War !!!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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