Sin Sells Shame’s Shreds In Sicily’s Streets

vikas chandra

Lest you stare, she’ll bare, your insolence
With a, smirk, kissed by, her satire
In stilettos, chemise, barefaced nonchalance
Lucciole, is desire, baptized, by fire!

“Should you, care to, ask my, wretched name,
’One of, many fireflies’, littered o’er, dark lanes
That reach nowhere, beyond, ghettos of shame
At the end, neither love, nor its, passion remains!”

By a wall, from which, blared, graffitis, bare
I spent her, beyond her, eight Euros’ fare
“I’m a Greek slut, not your, craved Italian whore”
I mused, thru a migrant’s, sore metaphor!

Thru short nights, and their, long despairs
With, smoldering souls, defiant, deadbeats
Baptized by, their faiths, crucified by, their fears
To nosh, those denied, nirvana’s teats
Sin Sells, Shame’s Shreds, In Sicily’s Streets!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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