When A Bullet Flirts With Every Head

A legacy, measures, every breath
Of a, dream’s faith, with a, looming fear
More than salt, gunpowder, giveth
Dark dimension, to a, sweet souvenir!

Fear poises, fear, in neighborhood
American ethos, survives, on guns
A nation, has, mortally understood
Immortal creed, of, shenani-guns!

Democracy means, “License, to kill
To live, to death, American Dream”
Gallons, of gore, still, left to spill
In a fief, run by, the gun-régime!

Why a, school stinks, of death, everyday
As others, await, their share’s, bloodshed
Hearts succumb, to, mean minds’, melee
When A Bullet, Flirts, With Every Head!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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