The Inconsequence Of Existence

Which myth, we mortals, resurrect
From the prison, of, immortal herd
A platitude, seems, all intellect
Unknown, when we leave, this unknown world!

We’re all, summed up, in nine ciphers
What difference, makes our, gravity
How far, our farfetched, endeavors
Reach out, beyond, triviality!

When fate, defeats, our every dream
And faith, supplants, fortitude with fear
God seems, a lie, who fails, to redeem
Mankind’s belief, in a, sin austere!

Beholden feels, every breath, each beat
When life seems, a rite, of senescence
Echoes graffiti, from, ‘Nirvana Street’
The Inconsequence, Of, Existence!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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