A ‘Hero’ Invented By Time

Bow low, lest you, blaspheme megaliths
Of glories, earned o’er, stagnant years
All Gods, of today, are yesterdays’ myths
Deified by faith, and its, cherished fears!

Napoleon, indeed was, Born-apart
Elegance, drunken with, chivalry
Who transformed, bloodbath to, fine art
And love, to lust’s, finest debauchery!

Whose life, was a, pious propaganda
A bane, for world, nor boon, for France
A fascist, who flaunted, wild chutzpa
In his rituals, of, ruthless romance!

A misery, of his, own making
His awe, didn’t end, at Waterloo
Never bit dust, yet, crestfallen king
Without spine, lingered, pride’s paradigm
Behold, history’s coup, ethnic bugaboo
A ‘Hero’, Invented, By Time!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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