Political Redeemers Never Last That Long

“We’ll hunt, your Satan, at no cost”
Came deliverance, with a, vow of war
Whose women widowed; whose sons, were lost
Bares now, whom, this mean metaphor!

They seemed Messiahs, in a, Godless fief
Reigned by, fanatic faith, and its, fear’s fatwa
“They’ll leave, our war!”, was beyond, belief
Lest Taliban, trounce, American chutzpa!

O’er wars, are won, and lost, where polls
Pawns of politics, are, dead soldiers
Tough blood-bargains, pay, pain’s pious tolls
What counts, o’er lives, are, ciphers of coffers!

Whose Cold-War, whose, ‘War on Terror’
To Afghan ethos, how did, they belong
When friendship, statesmanship’s, limits blur
Political Redeemers, Never Last, That Long!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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