Requiems Of 3 Million Dreams

Thanks Jinping, for, gifting coffins;
Shrouding us, in your, socialist sins
May dragon, stop, blaming the bat
Since world, knows well, who the germ, begat!

Every speck, stinks of, Chinese malice
Life feels, so sick, in mask, and glove
Every home, awaits, to bid, last kiss
O’er pyre, of hate, funeral of love!

Similar, to ghettos, for Uighurs
We live, the fear of, Communist faith
W.H.O. roasts, us on, Chinese skewers
Hope seems, to be stranger, than a wraith!

China, counts Yuans, as we, count our dead
Vain martyrs, to its, bio-war schemes
Since Xi, graffitied, in Communist-red
Requiems, Of, 3 Million Dreams!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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