Whose Shadow Walks With Me

Stark silhouette, spills, dark estrangement
From its, broken nerves, and wounded veins
O’er endless streets, where my life, lay spent
A reign, of delusions, is all, that remains!

My tryst, with this, drifting, graffiti
Is a, fleeting truth, of a, lasting lie
When a mind, believes, what eyes, can’t see
Whilst, a pilgrim’s passage, passes by!

My whispers, scrape, its silent sighs
The phantom, twirling, on my soul
Thru days, and nights, whose dare, defies
Who lives, to die, in his pigeonhole!

Who is it, if not, what it seems
My fortitude’s, eclipsed, rhapsody!
If not me, whom my, search redeems
Whose Shadow, Walks, With Me!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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