… For Jihad To Win

This war, they lost, beyond defeat
Yet Yankees, don’t dare, admit it
Trodden dust, beneath, Taliban’s feet
American pride, is a, spent spirit!

Afghanistan, is their, new Vietnam
Yet, one more tomb, of their chutzpa
Who wage, ethnic wars, without a qualm
Succumb piteously, to a, faith’s fatwa
To rejoice, to death, their coup d’état!

The wasteland, of, Soviet cold war
Where Yankees, farmed, Mujahideen
Bleeds Afghan ethos, from its, lasting scar
While its soul, cradles, jihadi gene!

After decades, of, Osama’s chase
It finds itself, squelching, in sin
Yankees won, battles, of disgrace
Yet lost, the war, For Jihad, To Win!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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