A Nuclear Doctrine Purer Than Sin

Ayatollah’s, new, nuclear equation:
Faith equals, Fear times, Uranium
Such obsession, of a, rogue nation
Is, beyond satanic, despotism!

Shia democracy, reigned by, theocracy
Dares, to sever, world’s, nuclear nerve
Is science, sold to, their lunacy
Who sell, hatred, with a, vicious verve!

How prejudiced, is their, nuclear pride
Who flaunt, it at, funerals of hope
At the, cross of jihad, hangs crucified
Many Persian dreams, at the end, of their rope!

In the heart of, old, Shia-Sunni abyss
Is the newfound, Arab-Jew, camaraderie
Nuclear blackmail, beyond, malice
Is the, last salvo, of a, spent fury!

That ‘renaissance’, of, 1979
Has scarred, its ethos, deep within
Iran toes, to death, bigotry’s bloodline
A Nuclear Doctrine, Purer, Than Sin!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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