Who Leave Behind Their Mothers To Mourn

Brittle beauty, of boys, betrays their hearts
Manhood’s outrage, when comes, of age
The blood-lust, of, new Bonapartes
Takes them, to fear, and faith’s pilgrimage!

Who suckled love, from, mothers’ breasts
Now crave, the gore of, fallen foes
Why mothers, lose in, sons’ conquests
To reap, the tears, wars’ wasteland, grows!

“So near, yet far, is that, cedar’s shade
Where I, learnt and forgot, lullabies
I lose my life, to my, state’s crusade
In the cradle, of death, a mother’s dream, dies!”

“He did not come, his coffin, did
My broken nightingale, stabbed by, war’s thorn
Such sons, be born, may God forbid
Who Leave Behind, Their Mothers, To Mourn!”

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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