In Exile From That Woeful World

What did, I seek, and left, unsought
Besides myself, that wraith, in skin
Whose fear, cradled his, faith and thought
With a soul, that bore, the cross, of his sin!

Amidst, blaring mobs, silent shadows
Stare at me, with, stark estrangements
Whilst, swearing by, their broken vows
Of a life, spent in, social sacraments!

Since I left, the league, of platitudes
To be, its cherished, castaway
My toil, thru truths, and myths concludes
“Nirvana is, just a, thought away”!

My ‘Wasteland’, is, far more fertile
Than the, fief of God, Satan’s orchard
I’m the milestone, of my, every mile
In Exile, From That, Woeful World!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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