A Chasm Of Blood Between Two Lands

Such was, that, “Tryst With Destiny”
Which baptized, freedom, with bloodbath
One heart, one soul, torn by ignominy
Two wounded, states was, its aftermath!

Between secular state, and, fanatic fief
Estranged brothers, bleed, until this day
For an, ethnic rift, beyond belief
Fostered by, faith and, fear’s melee!

They found, a pretext, to justify, their hate
Kashmir, a shred of, heaven on earth
To be riddled, by bullets, o’er bloody debate
“Faith matters, more than, brotherhood’s worth”

“Why my dream, lost to, pious, political prejudice”
Bewails a, betrayed ethos, lost in, shifting sands
What grows, from the seed, of history’s artifice
A Chasm, Of Blood, Between Two Lands!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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