Never Fall In Love With A Dying Bard

Thru the, summer rage, I see, once again
Fall’s oasis, beyond, that mirage, of spring
Under pink parasol, love’s, legerdemain
Toy with a man, lost in, life’s deathly fling!

You, a beautiful satire, in black stilettos
Stares, at me, like my, cold requiem
You’ll sing, one day, in divine falsettos
At the wake, of my, unfulfilled dream!

O’er shreds, I smeared with, dark expressions
Strewn, all o’er, my spent pilgrimage
I lay, by a lass, whose stark impressions
Stab thru, my heart, with, estranged outrage!

My unwed, bride, my woeful, widow
Thy pain, shall last, beyond, my last yard
You’ll know, when you burn, in my inferno
Never Fall, In Love, With A, Dying Bard!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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