Lest Easter Be Baptized By Gore

Allahu Akbar …!” yet again, stifled the ethos, of a state
When two ‘martyrs’, avowed, their faith, with fear
Since bloodbath, is pious, they celebrate, hate
Who leave, for posterity, sacred sin’s, souvenir!

Between, two Gods, faiths, clans, and prophets…
Who dared to, wage this, holy war
For an, obliged belief, why man forgets
Faith is, nothing more than, fear’s metaphor!

Last year, saw Christ, crucified, yet again
By not Allah, but an, endless jihad
Why we pay, faith’s price, in blood, tears and pain
Why not, be just brethren, sans faith’s façade!

How can, the jihadis, but, betray their souls
When virgins, await them, at jannat’s door
Let the world, brace for, their faith’s, fear’s tolls
Lest Easter, Be Baptized, By Gore!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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