Burning O’er Candles Thru The Day

With the pegs, of pain, red, green, and grey
Whole day, crucified, on a, digital cross
Molding, melting by the, markets’ melee
Flirting with, the rites of, profit and loss!

Beyond binary trade, it’s my being’s, digital bread
Shifting shades, of nirvana, for a, jobless ‘wraith’
Who’s the lord, of his fief, than a, slave instead
In digital fear, who found, his ethnic faith!

When I play, with Satan, his chess, of chance
With an, ounce of flair, and a, fist of fate
His red, green pawns, in a, wild dalliance
Daze me, in between, stalemate, checkmate!

The chase, never ends, for that, one more dime
Made of, our sweat, blood, and digital clay
At last, life found, its, digital paradigm
Burning, O’er Candles, Thru The Day!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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