New Estrangement With The Red Wasteland

Give passion, a dream, and dream, a name
Nüwa, New Eden, of our, existence
Since, cosmic pilgrims, we became
On Martian quest, of, life’s substance!

In invented realm, of, steel and glass
Will social, be, our digital being
In this, rootless avatar, we, alas!
Will be, blue tourists, on, red sightseeing!

With a, one-way ticket, and a, remembrance
Untethered from, our cradle, and grave
Will we evolve, to a, new inconsequence
Cosmic Kings, or, Supremacy’s Slaves!

Will we, herald life, from Mars’s, inert womb
With our blue faith, and its, blood-red sand
Will echo, thru empty space, earth’s tomb
New Estrangement, With The, Red Wasteland!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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