How A Utopia Lost To Dystopia !

A mother, learns to, beg on street
To teach, her child, famine’s fear, faith of bread
What’s left, of an ethos, when Satans eat
The soul, of a nation, shred by shred …!

A power-pawn, of, too many players
A battleground, of, vain surrogate wars
Where’s hope, in the herd, of doomsayers
Old wounds, learn to bleed, with newborn scars!

Once a minion, of, Saudi-Syrian, dominion
Now a hostage, to, Hezbollah’s, Iran-Plan
France wants, a colony, run by Christian
Where statesmen, are, sponsored henchmen!

Lebanon lives on, its, legacy to death
Since its soul, embraced, ethnic inertia
Its every breath, sighs, this shibboleth
“How A Utopia, Lost To, Dystopia !”

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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