Who Stole The Soul Of Nightingales

Lest the, Satan’s sons, return to reign
Lost boulevard, of, ravaged regime
Will resonate, still its, haunting pain
Immortal song, of, freedom’s dream!

In its race, to, outpace Taliban
In their faith, and fear’s, fanatic fest
It silenced, the daughters, of its clan
In its pride, and, prejudice’s, conquest!

Since, Soviet deceit, to US retreat
An ethos, bleeds, and dies, each day
Will the nightingales, forget, to tweet
Whose tongues, were slit, in faith’s melee!

Who swear, by machismo, of the, ‘Holy Dark Age’
And shroud, their women, in shame’s, black veils
Or, for whom, womankind is, a ‘sweet outrage’
Who Stole, The Soul, Of Nightingales!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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