The Lad I Laid On My Clitoris

No shorter, than lost, spring of bliss
Longer than, sensual, pilgrimage
Love’s iceberg, in my, sin’s abyss
Still, rages on,…; refuses, to age!

Once “Satan’s seat”, and, “devil’s teat”
Baptized by, monthly, menstrual blood
Who bore, impotent, wedlock’s deceit
Now blooms, nirvana’s, trampled bud!

Since lu(vs)t, trespassed my, unfenced fall
When a boy, breached vow, of my, men-o-pause
Shame scribbled, new name, on my, womanhood’s wall
When I, redeemed rebirth, of my, long-lost cause!

Beyond sacraments, of sin, faith, and fear
My needs, ain’t tethered, to a, man’s penis
Since I found, lu(vs)t-pawn, I puppeteer
The Lad, I Laid, On My Clitoris!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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