Home I Brought Our Unborn Dream

May I leave, my love’s, requiem with you
Lest the funeral, not be, far away
Forget-me-nots, bedizened, blue
To be martyrs, in our, woes’ nosegay!

Not yearning, yours, I bring, with me
But the musings, of, unhappened tryst
A relic, seems, that last, rhapsody
To this, pain and passion’s, alchemist!

What is, my hearth, without your heart
Your heart, without, my love, in it
Yet sweet, is the dirge, played by Mozart
In the, last rites, of a, lost spirit!

Our silence, resounds, every wailing wall
Like graffiti, of, crucified love’s, scream
On the, cross of, passion’s, lost recall
Home, I Brought, Our, Unborn Dream!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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