I Am A Naked Satire

Beyond, banal myths, a truth profound
That stings, the ethos, of our race
Out of mob, where borrowed, views, abound
I’m condemned, “A lie, with, Satan’s face”!

From prison of past, to present’s stupor; future’s conjecture
Time’s, tedious trap, of trinity
Faith molds, us in, social structure
Fear fills, our thoughts, with nihility!

Unless, these veils, façades, I shred
That shroud truth, in the, coffin of lies
I squelch, thru faith, and fear’s bloodshed
A maverick, in, heretic’s disguise!

You can’t, bare world, while you, spare your skin
Truth’s quest, is a baptism, by fire
Who chose, to be bare, than wear, a sin
I Am, A, Naked Satire!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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