Enigma Of A Futile Race

Too long, has been, funeral, of your past
Which piety, flaunts, your piteous creed
Beyond your skin, darker shades, that last
Are the, making, of your, ‘bereaved’ breed!

Black Lives, Black Rights, Black This, Black That, …
Are alibis, of, Black Schizophrenia
Who lay, to be, White Man’s doormat
Blame him, for their, self-made inertia!

In deep torpor, squirms, Black Ethos
Every Black State, is, stark Dystopia
Are they obsessed, with their, being’s pathos
Lest they, wreck, pipe-dream of, Utopia!

With placards, pleading, to their, death
“Our Disgrace, Is Our, Saving Grace”
Their souls, scream out, their sin’s, shibboleth
Black Enigma, Of A, Futile Race”!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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