Irish Blacklist Of A British Chauvinist

“Murphy, Nolan, Doherty, Gallagher, …
Waifs, vagrants, from the, Irish isle
Cheeky Catholics, worth, only Protestant’s slur
They ain’t, imbecile, though imbe/sʌɪl/ !”

Are the Irish, still, what the Britons, think
Thru the prism, of, Protestant prejudice
Condemned to cipher, by their, Intellectual Ink
This hate, for a faith, is, beyond malice!

Ain’t, Ku Klux Klan days, over yet
Ethnic vanity, transcends, modernity
How could, British Protestants, ever forget
Irish names, of, Catholic profanity!

Who bear, their faith, without any fear
Do they care, for the, dogmas, racialist
This too, is an honor, not an, ethnic smear
Irish Blacklist, Of A, British Chauvinist

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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