Two Princely Brides And A Royal War

Still stops, the Buck, with Buckingham
The cradle, and grave, of the, royal creed
Battleground of, this and, that ism
Now bathes, in bad blood, of its breed!

Ain’t it, about, two brides, of two sons
Each consumed, in pursuit, of its own
Pride, prejudice, and, power’s equations
Are as labyrinthine, as the, path to throne!

Not more, than a, Hollywood Spectacle
Has been rendered, a royal, legacy
National vows, versus, woes, familial
In dynasty’s throes, as is, democracy!

History’s fossil, grieves, from her, gilded cage
In her hearth, and heart, pain’s deepest scar
Media sells, lavishly, her blood’s, outrage –
Two Princely Brides, And A, Royal War!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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