In Remembrance Of Sweet September

Come ninth month, of earth’s, pregnant dream
When bloom, in hearts, forget-me-nots
In the, trinity’s tryst, love’s labors, redeem
A spring, that ever sings, a fall, that never rots!

Yearnings, when swill, from the, chalice of sin
Sweet poison, kissed by, cupid’s guile
Between, lust of life, and death’s, chagrin
Heart is, no more, than a, forlorn isle!

Bards bare, pains’, profound enigma
And the myth, of, fleeting joys’, orgy
From a tear, in the, throes of, fall’s stigma
Is born, the pearl of, passion’s glory!

Under, dead rustling leaves, lay, life’s stubborn seeds
The immortal faith, of a, mortal fear
Suckled by, moor’s heart, that bleeds, and bleeds…
In Remembrance, Of, Sweet September!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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