Our Pilgrimage To The Red Wasteland

Why yearn we, for the, Lord’s fiery fief
Many million miles, away, from earth
For a, wanderlust, beyond belief
Or it’s mankind, seeking, a new rebirth!

An obsession, four centuries, old
With a, cosmic rage, has, come of age
Now Mars, is in, every mind’s, centerfold
Since man, broke free, of his, worldly cage!

Whilst earth squirms, in, we left, of it
Towering tomb, of, human endeavor
We squander, our, ‘Curiosity’, and ‘Spirit’
O’er, human hegemony’s, adventure!

After evolution, of a, billion years
We’re species, now, with a, digital spine
No more gravity, of, failures’ fears
Can break, the streak, of our bloodline!

Will we build, new Eden, and its sin
With faith, in our hope, and its, soulless sand
Lest we lose, blue home, so shall, we begin
Our Pilgrimage, To The, Red Wasteland!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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