The Sting Of Spring In The Throes Of Fall

Lads learn, too soon, what manhoods, want
O’er wrinkled sheets, with, seminal stains
Tides burst, from waves, as nonchalant
As stallions, bleed, with broken reins!

In their hearts, who seeded, seminal sin
Laws, of senescence; cupid’s outrage
Why love, and lust, seem so akin
To faith, and fear, of sacrilege!

Why zephyr strays, thru, forlorn hearth
Where lingers, a, deflowered dream
A lovelorn heart, kindles new mirth
In a soul, sold off to, life’s requiem!

Neither last colognes, nor lavenders, where
But whiff, of, love and lust’s, recall
O’er sanctums, of solace, lay bare
The Sting, Of Spring, In The Throes, Of Fall!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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