Trinity That Towers At My Door

From the womb, of earth, to the, Tethys’ tomb
Time etched, in lime, chef-d’oeuvre sublime
A troika, kisses sky, with aplomb
To transcend, splendor’s, paradigm!

Does heart, throb too, in this, silent stone
Or an age, has rendered, it inert
Beyond us, beauty, left alone
Is livelier, than, vain thoughts’ effort!

How formless edifice, stirs, more awe
Than the, triviality, of geometry
Magnificence, is a, perfect flaw
Beyond perfection, of, our theory!

By the cradle, of an, endless epic
I gaze, at, majestic metaphor
How timeless, is this, time’s relic
Trinity, That Towers, At My Door!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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