There’s Still An Endless Way To Go

vikas chandra

The lasting, blood-trail, of twilight
Baptized by, blood and, tears of sun
Moon’s pilgrimage, thru the, soul of night
In a tryst with, two realms’, unison!

From the distant, dark dream, of big-bang
Since cipher, evolved to, infinity
In a cosmic sin, time bared, its fang
For the, immortality, of the, trinity!

In a caravan, of a, speck of dust
With the, pride, prejudice of, civilization
Outlasts us, our legacy, august
In the, history’s, ageless equation!

In the shadow, of the, cosmic dance
We reap, new truths, from the, old myths, we sow
Beyond our life, and, death’s romance
There’s Still, An Endless Way, To Go!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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