No More White Lies In Faith’s Black Shroud

vikas chandra

Have seen, faith lumber, thru fear’s lane
Nameless, faceless, herd of, shadows
Modesty’s a, bane, more than, profane
When a, legacy of dark, deceit, it bestows!

In the fetters, of faith, their husband’s harems
With no, existence, beyond, two eyes
Dared by, men’s fear, lest they, cause mayhems
Caged in, shame’s cocoon, these possessed, butterflies!

“Diminish yourselves, hold back, your sighs”
Decrees faith, to its, vain martyrs
“A song, never sung, ain’t the song, that dies”
Moan, mocking birds, black satires!

Will they, call “Redemption”, “White Prejudice”;
Shred new law, for, old prison, avowed
Lest politics, subvert, Swiss justice
No More, White Lies, In Faith’s, Black Shroud!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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