In The Throes Of Digital Dynasties

vikas chandra

With an e-xistence, fettered to, ‘free’ apps
That sell us, and, our experience
We are, digital rituals, perhaps
Bartered in, bazaars of, e-pretense!

With minds, downloaded, to our phones
And phones, uploaded, in our minds
We e-volve, to e-kind, on e-hormones
We are puppets, of our, digital finds!

What does not, sell in, e-market
Propaganda, faith, fear, sin, merchandise,…
e-very shred, of our lives, sellable vignette
We sell, our truths, to buy, digital lies!

No e-scape, from this, cul-de-sac
Where societies, are, commodities
Our souls, are traded, at NASDAQ
In The Throes, Of, Digital Dynasties

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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