I No More Seek Myself From This World

vikas chandra

Beyond my prison, of, its prejudice
No presence, I had, nor existence
I was, a thesis, of its hypothesis
Who handed me, my, life sentence!

It taught, me faith, in its, fascist fear
My mind, heart, soul, obliged to it
At shame’s altar, it laid me, bare
To crucify, the free-will, of my spirit!

Redemption was, just a, thought away
And thence, I’m a, feared anarchist
“Once a minion, of opinion”, they say
“How come, turned to, an alchemist”

I strut, on that street, once paved, with dread
To my, fortitude’s fief, self-belief conquered
Not fear, only faith, is my soul’s, holy bread
I No More Seek, Myself, From This World!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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