Faith’s Façade Of Nuclear Jihad

vikas chandra

Ayatollahs love, Jew Einstein, since 1979
Who taught them, to redeem, their dreaded, Shia doctrine
The quantum of, atomic oomph, was never, so divine
Since a faith, deified fear, at the cost of, Nuclear-Sin!

What had begun, as quest, for growth
Fell into, the hands, of fanatics
Who tore, to shreds, the Nuclear-Oath
That had, once enforced, Nuclear-Ethics!

Was it Persian pride, or, Shia prejudice
That rendered it, a pariah, of ummah
It chose to be, a holy, Nuclear-Nemesis
To pull off, Islamic throne’s, coup d’état!

“Selectivism, spurs, Nuclear-Nationalism” –
East indicts West, for its, Nuclear-Charade
Many lies, lurk beyond, truth of fascism
That, Faith’s Façade, Of, Nuclear Jihad!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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