A White Father’s Black Enigma

vikas chandra

O’er tabloids, sells, what not, these days
White father’s, faith, Black daughter’s, fears
Not just, Page-3, all pages, are buffets
Of hearsays, bedizened in, brazen smears!

Media bought him, to wash, his linen
Or his, half-queen, half-black, daughter, thinks so
This outrage, etched, by a, poison-pen
Shreds a, beautiful bonding, blow by blow!

With claims, and blames, complaints, judgements
Black royal pride, laments, White piety’s malice
A Black-souled, woman, in White skin, resents
A White-souled, father’s, Black prejudice!

Bonds, lose out, to, ethnic origins
When coherent, appears, inherent stigma
Lives on legacy, of, sin of skin
A White, Father’s, Black Enigma!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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