The Alibi Of Their Naked Czar

Since Russia is, what its, tyrant thinks
For its present, and its, destiny
Communism’s jinx, Socialism still, stinks
Russia lives, still, Soviet ignominy!

Neither Tsar died, nor Lenin, nor Stalin
The trinity, still reigns, thru a Satan, in Suit
From the blood-bathed, corridors, of Kremlin
With pride, piety, prejudice, in power’s pursuit!

Since his venom, didn’t work, on his, nemesis
Putin has, to bear, West’s newfound ethics
When Navalny, is his, own genesis
Why blame west, for his, blood-politics!

Yet, Russia lives, on Putin-ocracy
His sway, only sells, in its, myths’ bazaar
They believe, to the brink, of lunacy
The Alibi, Of Their, Naked Czar!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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