Believer’s Blade’s Blood Charade

“How long, will it last, on a, kafir’s spine
A mind, whose creed, is sacrilege
May the, faithless bear, their vain bloodline
O’er, fear of, one true faith’s, outrage!

They look, satanic, when they, resent
Thousand years, of our, prejudice
Let’s sink them, in, sin’s sacrament
Fear is, deeper than, faith’s abyss!

Let’s talk, to them, since, they are dead
Infidels, ain’t worth, our dialogue
A speechless, mouth, a lifeless, head
Now hears, meekly, our faith’s, monologue!”

Baptized, lay faith, in, fear’s bloodbath
Bigotry revels, in, jihad’s façade
World gapes, aghast, at the, aftermath
Of, Believer’s Blade’s, Blood Charade!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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