Where Freedom Is A Faith In Fear

Seed Socialist Slaves, in an isle’s, free soul
Since its schools, are now, Communist Cradles
Better by-heart it, lest your head, may roll
Chinese Bible, not, Free-World’s, Manuals!

Since Dragon, fears, democracy, to death
After Students’, Republic, Revolution
It’s breeding, a new age, with shibboleth
“Ain’t Slavery, more Divine, than Retribution!”

Hong Kong, will not be, the same again
Alas, with a, Socialist DNA
Democracy, will be, more profane
A Christ crucified, each and, everyday!

Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China Sea,…
Dragon roars on…,, yet the dumb, don’t hear
Wreaking the world, with its, legacy
Where Freedom, Is A, Faith In Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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