Through The Broken Prisms Of Yesterdays

Lest time, escape, my splintered eyes
Those, termite-tunnels, of my mind
A day, once stood, where a thought, now lies
I linger thru, past’s alleys, blind!

What were, once shrines, now tombs, they are
Of whose epitaphs’ , I lost, recalls
Every wound, of world, left a, profound scar
Grief’s graffitis, never fade, on my walls!

How venom, has mellowed, to wine
Pain is, life’s, newfound panacea
Lost joys, benign, gained hurts, divine
Soul’s nirvana, is heart’s, coup d’état!

Let far be, my cradle, from my grave
Yet I am, the child, I was, always
With perspectives, life’s pilgrimage, gave
Through The, Broken Prisms, Of Yesterdays!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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