Beyond That 6, Those 6 Ciphers

Blood wrote, the, lasting legacy
Of how, a race, betrayed, a race
Hitler looks benign, against, the lunacy
His brethren, etched, on history’s face!

Not, all Germans, were, Nazis though
What spurred, their, ethnic impotence
Who watched Jews, shoved to, death’s ghetto
Envy, pride, prejudice, insolence…!

It was, no fear, but faith, in a myth
Of the, White Aryan, racial enigma
Who piled Jews, to their, megalith
World’s monument, of, German stigma!

Lest time forgive, our history’s, crimes
Let’s, never forget, hate’s conjectures
In the farms, of faith, our fear’s, paradigms
Beyond, That 6, Those 6 Ciphers!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra


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