Since Bombs Blare Out Faith’s New Azan

From ‘Call of creed’, to, ‘Jihad’s battle cry’
This faith, is on, fear’s pilgrimage
Ain’t “Allahu Akbar”, a, flagrant lie
If it, seeds in souls, hate and outrage!

Who needs reminders, for, five prayers
When a, cynical sin, seems brotherhood
From the herd, of believers, some vain martyrs
Show “Faith is fear”, they’ve, understood!

Was this blood-fest, never ever, prophesied
Where religion, screams out, sermons of Satan
How many sons, died, whose mothers, cried
Rages faith’s funeral, since this madness, began!

Who can, hear faith, in fear’s, deafening din
When its ethos, massacres, Taliban
A scarred state, lives through, its sacred sin
Since Bombs, Blare Out, Faith’s New Azan!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra


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